Egyptian Terracotta Funerary Cone for Nakht and Tawy


15699. Egyptian Terracotta Funerary Cone for Nakht and Tawy

Thebes, Middle Kingdom Ca 1950 - 1900 BCE

Flat face stamped or impressed with hieroglyphs in relief in three vertical lines which translates as follows: -The venerated one in the presence of Osiris, the astronomer (lit. hour observer) of Amun, Nakht, and his wife (lit. sister), the songstress of Amun, Tawy.-

See: Teeter, Emily "Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals and seal Impressions from Medinet Habu" Oriental Institute for more on the type. Objects from the fashionable tomb of Nakht and Tawy can be found at the MET and the Cairo Museum.

Size: 2-3/8 x 1-3/4 in the stamped impression. Cone 2-3/4 in L (tip gone)

Funerary cones, representing the ends of chapel roof support beams, were traditionally inserted in rows (their flat ends facing outward) above the mudbrick entrances of the superstructures of non-royal tombs in Thebes, offering prayers and serving as as important historical records.

Provenance: Collection of Herbert Warner (b. Takeley, Essex UK 8th July 1851-1928); then by descent to eldest daughter Constance (1884-1964), who at age 45 married Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke who was then 92 in 1929. They had no descendants, so the items then passed to Herbert Warner’s 2nd eldest child, Hildegard (1885-1976) who was the present owner’s grandmother until acquired by AFE.


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