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Howard Nowes is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America which means he has formal education in appraisal theory, principles, procedures, ethics, and law and has expertise in certian fields of collectable art.
He and his associates know how to value art correctly in the correct marketplace.




They take part in continuing education which ensures they are up to date on the latest appraisal practices and standards.

Many educated and smart people who claim to be experts but are not trained in appraisal practices and really do not understand the different markets that are used to determine appropriate values for appropriate uses. Curators and professors may be able to authenticate a work of art and discuss its usage in depth but neither may be able to value those items correctly unless they follow appropriate appraisal principles and procedures. 
Howard Nowes not only has a degree in art history, he has been buying, selling, authenticating, and evaluating art for almost 30 years.  His certification through testing and peer review ensure his competency level to correctly perform the apprasial services defined in the scope of work rquired.
Apply to work with us on an appraisal. Return this form to hnowes@gmail.com. 


Why should I have my art appraised?


An appraisal can help you determine the fair market value of your art, and how to come up with a strategic price point for your art piece or collection.


For Charitable Tax Benefits
In order to deduct charitable donations of art, an official art appraisal is required by law.  As certified appraisers we are authorized to complete and sign and your IRS Form 8323, which is a legal declaration of the fair market value of an art piece or collection.  This document will protect the financial benefits you’ll receive as a result of your donation should you ever be audited.


For Art Insurance Purposes
If an art object is rare enough that it requires professional expertise to identify and value, many insurance companies will require an appraisal in order to insure an artwork or collection at its actual fair market value.


For Estate Valuation Purposes
If you are the executor of an estate, it may be your responsibility to maintain the legacy of your family member. A certified estate appraisal determining the fair market value of a fine art collection can facilitate the process of estate management by providing you with crucial information which will inform your deicison to making process regarding how to allocate, donate, or sell the collection you are now responsible for. 


When shouldn’t I have my art appraised?
Professional appraisals require expertise by art historians with years of academic and field experience, as well as travel time to and from your home or business to view and examine the art in person, sometimes using expensive, fragile equipment such as scientific grade microscopes.  If your art object or collection is likely to be under $500, it may not be worth the cost of hiring the appraiser.


What kinds of art do you appraise?
Ancient art, African art, Asian art, classical antiquities (Greek, Roman, etc), ethnographic art, and post-War, modern, and contemporary paintings.


What kinds of art DON’T you appraise?
Contemporary tribal art, contemporary Native American art, prints that are replicas of paintings.


Could I get a quick estimate of the cost of my art piece or collection over the phone or via email?
No.  As great as digital photography may be, a quick look at a digital snapshot cannot replace careful study of the work in person by an experienced appraiser with the appropriate knowledge and tools.  It is expressly against the code of professional ethics for appraisers to give out quick estimates without doing their due diligence.


I don’t want to enlist your services only to find out that my pieces cost less than the service provided, which will prevent me from making a profit when I sell my piece/collection.  What should I do?
We don’t want this either!  We will speak with you by phone and do our absolute best to ensure that this does not happen.  If we believe your collection costs less than our services, as a courtesy, we may refer you to the appropriate marketplace for your art.


How can I trust your appraisal? Who enforces professional standards for appraisers?
In addition to our education and experience as art historians and art market specialists, we are also certified by the Appraiser’s Association of America, which requires us to regularly take continuing education classes as professional standards and practices evolve over time. 


Howard Nowes is a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. AAA]
All Howard Nowes Appraisals are prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) set forth by the Appraisal Foundation in Washington D.C. and is bound by the strict Code of Ethics of the AAA.   Howard Nowes has 30 years as a certified appraiser ancient and ethnographic art.


Please click here and return the attached form by emailing hnowes@gmail.com to work with us on an appraisal. 
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