2023 Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show Santa Fe NM

Art For Eternity spent a lovely week in beautiful Santa Fe NM from August 8th to 15th.  The show opened on the night of the 11th but we had to set up on the 10th.  Packing and shipping antiquities and ethnographic art is tricky and time consuming but it is worth it.  The Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show has been a Santa Fe tradition for over 45 years.  It has built up quite a following as a result.  The show was crowded and the energy was good as collectors and dealer searched for special one of a kind items.   In attendance was more than 95 of the world’s most knowledgeable expert dealers with a wide range of material from Kachina dolls to South East Asian wood carvings to American folk art.   Art for Eternity  brought a nice selection of ancient Classical artifacts as well as Pre Columbian and tribal art. The booth was well received and we received many complements on the material and even managed to buy and sell our way to a sucessful show. It was great to speak with such a passionate collector base and we will surley foillow upo and continue to work with the folks we saw, bioth old and new contacts.


Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show, Booth C22  Art For Eternity 2023

Art For Eternity at Whitehawk was not to be missed. On view were fantastic Nazca and Chimy Textiles, An important published and exhibited Olmec stone mask, a tall and ornate Greek Apulian Amphora, choice ancient Egyptian sculpture in wood and stone. Gold adornment and jewelry from the old world as well as the New. A heavy Calima golf necklace, Peruvian and Ecuadorian gold discs; A nice assortment of Greek and Roman gold and stone jewelry, rings and earrings and brooches. Several fine Maya polychrome decorated and stone carved ritual cylinder vessels.  A diverse selection of traditional African hats and caps from Cameroon, West Africa, East and South beaded examples.  A nice Baule ancestor and a sample of symetrical Dan masks.


Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show

Santa Fe Convention Center Friday, August 11 through Monday, August 14, 2023

A Santa Fe tradition for more than 43 years, the Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show gathers almost 100 of the world’s most knowledgeable experts who have curated the finest textiles, pottery, basketry, beadwork, woodcarving, and more from Native American and world tribal traditions. Exhibitors are passionate about educating showgoers about traditional techniques and materials, artistic merit, and the social values the works represent. Among the many offerings, there will be the best of historic Native American jewelry at this show including first phase belts to early bracelets, turquoise rings and earrings, squash blossom necklaces and early jaclaws. Special Exhibit Elegant Vessels: A Century of Southwest Silver Boxes This exhibition comes directly to Santa Fe after a show at the Heard Museum in Phoenix featuring an even more comprehensive selection of boxes than was exhibited at the Heard. This extensive collection will be on view at Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show Santa Fe on August 11-14. A comprehensive overview of the history of this rare and significant Native Art form encompasses early historic examples through mid-century masters and concludes with commissioned works from several of today’s top artists. Elegant Vessels: A Century of Southwest Silver Boxes showcases these stunning works of art with over 100 boxes on display, including pieces made by Leo Poblano (Zuni Pueblo), Leekya Deyuse (Zuni Pueblo), Kenneth Begay (Diné), Morris Robinson (Hopi), and Fred Peshlakai (Diné). Indigenous silverwork has long been highly sought after, dating back to as early as the 1850s, and the exhibition highlights the technical and stylistic evolution of Navajo and Pueblo silver boxes from the last 100 years. Curated by Four Winds Gallery, this collection’s oldest boxes date to about 1914; the collection then traces a timeline through the C.G. Wallace era to the mid-century masters and culminates with commissioned pieces from some of today’s top artists. A beautiful book accompanies the exhibition, also named Elegant Vessels: A century of southwest silver boxes and will be available at the show.

Preview Night and Ticket Info Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show Friday, Aug. 11–Monday, Aug. 14

Santa Fe Convention Center

201 W. Marcy St.

Preview Opening: 6–9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 11 ($100/person)

Show days: 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12, Sunday, Aug. 13 and Monday, Aug. 14

Admission: Day ticket $20; Run-of-shows $30

(includes entry to Objects of Art and Pop-Up)

Tickets are available at the door, or online at objectsofartshows.com.

Note: The exhibition, Elegant Vessels: A Century of Southwest Silver Boxes, is included with show admission.