Dara Mayers appointed Director Art for Eternity

Dara Mayers, a native New Yorker, has a lifelong fascination with treasure hunting. At the age of 10 she got her first metal detector and went searching looking for Spanish doubloons on Long Island beaches. While finding nickels and bottlecaps was disappointing, it did not stop her. She continued on to archeological expeditions in the US (pot sherds) and fossil hunting (none) in Africa. At the same time, Dara always had a deep interest in the arts, going on to write her senior thesis at Harvard on the artist Eva Hesse, igniting a lifelong fascination with modern and contemporary art, and with women artists.  

She then had the wonderful fortune to meet and marry Howard Nowes, whose obsession with ancient and ethnographic arts was a perfect complement. Dara brings her obsessive research, writing and treasure hunting to Art for Eternity, where her focus is on modern and contemporary arts, with specific interest in underappreciated women artists.

She is always searching for great art, bringing a unique eye, exquisite taste and impeccable scholarship, uncovering hidden treasures for her select clientele.